I saw the sky falling...

Updated: Jul 19

& I remember it well because that morning,

before coffee, the mirage was a cloud from the sky

and just on the other side there was a bridge

made from an understanding that this was everybody's rain -

that for the first time in a long time

the pain that separated US, was starting to unite.

I can remember because the coffee was sweet

and the sun was bright and there was so much day left,

even a rainbow hung high and all the colors,

they were beautiful together,

each hue in it's lane - the majesty of it all

was just so, that for a moment, I didn't recognize

the rising cloud in the distance, the disruptive shattering

of leaves on the wind, dancing to their death from their limbs,

I hadn't finished my morning coffee before brown bodies

began to fill in the spaces left in the grass, in the street

and to think - all we want is to belong, to enjoy a day of peace

and quiet and calm.

They say freedom is for everybody,

they say a lot of things.

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