Creatures of habit.

As a child, I always saw my mother reading. So much so, that picking up a book just seemed like the thing to do at odd times; on the weekend or in the evening after school, when most of my neighborhood friends were likely playing with toys, I would curl up in my room with something to read.

She faithfully read books by Danielle Steele, which made it easy to get her gifts for Christmas or birthdays, so long as she hadn't read it yet. I remember one year, I had pre-ordered the newest title from Danielle Steele (trying to surprise mom for Mother's Day), got it gift wrapped and everything, only to discover after she liberated the book from its shiny blue paper, that she had already begun reading it.

I loved that about her and continue to be inspired by her love of books. It was watching her read that fueled my love for reading and later writing as well.

I got her I was recently able to make contact with Danielle Steele and she wrote a note to my mom, thanking her for being a long time fan of hers (surprised her that time !!!) not long before I took this picture, which obviously, I had to send to mom. It just would not have been right if I didn't.

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