"jason vasser-elong's verse pulls at the very sinews of our heart muscles. With a surgeon's eye, he moves from massaging the muscle to life - 'she looks back over her tomb/then back into the trees/ trembling to the shore' - to incisive cutting - 'beneath my skin are feathers,/ what comes out as words are really songs.' The dexterity with which he moves between subjectivities serves to create an adventurous collection;  alternately gripping with suspenseful narrative, and, and at times, drenched in sorrowful, knowing lyricism. shrimp is an astounding debut collection." 

- Treasure Shields-Redmond, poet, speaker, diversity and inclusion coach, and social justice educator. 

"From kente cloth to shrimp:

Symbols can tell powerful stories"

Featured in:
'Angry Black man poems'
and how Ferguson affected publishing

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and collaborate through Gateway Writing Project’s OneCity Stories program"

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