Throughout history there have always been poets telling stories, and documenting the drama of the day, and it is my hope to capture some of that complexity in my work, to leave something behind, like an artifact that tells of who we were or what we've become. 


"Shrimp is a collection of powerful and thought-provoking poems, masterfully written, while on a quest for true identity. During his journey to discover self, jason vasser-elong draws us in with metaphors that are relatable and relevant to the issues of equality and advancement today. This collection of work is inspiring and empowering on many levels." - Debora Grandison, writer and Poetry  Out Loud Regional Coordinator-STL. 

"And what better recommendation is there for a poet? jason vasser-elong is one who is willing to dig deeply into the dirt of his environment or the depths of his own consciousness. He leaves it to us to smell the flowers." 

- Michael Castro, first Poet Laureate of St. Louis.

Photo Credit: Lance Omar Thurman Photography

I am a literary arts and culture professional, with community at the core of what I do; inviting you to take a look at the intersection of cultural identity, poetry, and all roads in between. 

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